Your Four Minutes of Civilization

On a rainy day (well… at least a day that is threatening to rain), this only seems appropriate.  I give you Mozart’s “Turkish March” — also known as the Rondo Alla Turca in Piano Sonata No. 11.

The style of music was actually an adaptation of Turkish Janissary bands… which has more to do with the cadence of the piece rather than the actual sound or style (left… left… left, right, left…).

Or if you’d like something a tiny more graphic but immensely helpful to see how Turks perceive the Ottoman era themselves, check this out and prepare to be pretty darned impressed.

The popularity of “Turkish style” came about shortly after the Siege of Vienna in 1683 and the Treaty of Karlowitz in 1699 — Janissary bands performing and the music catching on in Europe as a bit of a fad… culminating in the art of such musical greats as Beethoven and Mozart.

See if you can pick up on the Turkish style the next time you listen to classical music.

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