Kerry Daughters Booed at MTV Video Music Awards

I keep telling people that Generation Y is a lot more conservative (libertarian is more like it) than their Gen X or Baby Boomer predecessors, but I guess more instances such as these are going to have to drive the point home:

In an appearance at Sunday nights’ MTV Video Music Awards the two daughters were greeted with some cheers, but many boos.

At one point one of the daughters even held her finger to her mouth in an effort to “shush” the roudy crowd. The shush made little difference in the audience attitude. The boos only grew louder when the daughters suggested that the best choice for a President in this years’ election was their father.

No mention as to whether or not the Bush daughters received the same welcome:

The Bush daughters appeared later on in the program. However, the reaction from the crowd was difficult to hear when MTV cut to the feed via satelite.

Anyone want to take a guess?

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