When Anarchists Attack!

Most conservatives on any college campus dominated by leftists will tell you horrific stories of signs being torn down, violent acts against their conservative beliefs, and any number of horror stories from supposedly tolerant liberals who – when presented with an opposing viewpoint – become irrationaly myopic to the point of physical violence.

Sure, it gets mentioned around the bar. But more often than not the radical liberals get away with it. Rarely do you get a chance to see what your conservative activists put up with, or the caliber of the anti-war, anti-Bush hatred that is out there.

Of course, there are golden moments where video cameras are in play. And the tape doesn’t lie. . .

Here is a low bandwidth Windows Media Player version of the attack by the anarchists on the Protest Warriors at yesterdays march in New York City. Enjoy!

The original link can be found here, but I will mirror the video here”

http://shaunkenney.com/when_anarchists_attack.wmv (2.5MB)

Feel free to download this and share with as many people as possible. It’s the stereotypical anti-war, peacemongering radical at work. To conservative activists, this comes as no surprise (we all have our horror stories from encounters with the left). But I seriously wonder when the rank-and-file Democrats will rein in their radical wing? Or is this acceptable behavior?

Tolerance indeed.

UPDATE: The New York Times had an excellent article on the harassment GOP delegates are receiving at the hands of the protestors:

Outside a hotel in Times Square, delegates to the Republican National Convention were swarmed by protesters dressed in black and swearing at them. Blocks away, delegates engaged in shoving matches with protesters seeking to spoil their night at the theater. And outside “The Lion King” on 42nd Street, a delegate was punched by a protester who ran by.

Although the organized protests yesterday and Sunday have been largely peaceful, there has been a starkly different tone to smaller incidents in Midtown and elsewhere: angry encounters and planned harassment of convention delegates as they go out on the town.

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