Ferris Bueller’s Month-and-a-Half Off

Comin’ atcha poolside my friends. Until my security clearance goes through, I am camping out at home and taking it easy with my son. This doesn’t entirely mean that everything is fun and games. To be sure, there is about 18 months of cleaning that has to get done in this house (which in no way corresponds to when my wife moved into the house) and a variety of outside/yardwork oriented items that need tending to.

On the upside, Jonathan is thrilled – and I do not use that term lightly – to have is daddy home. We are having a blast folks. Walking around, eating cookies, watching Jay-Jay the Jet Plane, hanging over the end of the couch, tickling/wrasslin’ episodes, and of course the obligatory typing on the computer. Jonathan and I even had the chance to sit and read for a few moments. Come to think of it, it’s hard to tell who’s having a better time here. This is nothing serious, I not only have the chance to camp out with my son, I can also catch-up on a host of reading that I will have to do before the fall while taking the chance to write a few articles, one for the local paper, the other for publication.

Add to the stack the Fredericksburg GOP, the local YR unit, Catholic University stuff, and general cleaning duties that I have put off (plus cleaning up after my constantly re-arranging wife) and I have a full plate. Makes you wonder how I worked in a job, doesn’t it?

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