The Thursday Threesome for May 30th

Onesome. Healthy. Tell us about one thing you did for yourself that’s healthy – and not just physical, mental and emotional health matter, too!

Spend time at home with my family. That takes care of all three.

Twosome. Wealthy. What in life makes you feel wealthy in your heart?

Prayer and lots of it. Some people give this as the knee-jerk “look at me I’m such a good ” response, but I seriously believe in prayer. Remember, when you talk to God it’s called prayer; when God talks to you it’s called schitzophrenia.

Threesome. Wise. Share your favorite proverb or motto… or just make one up yourself

“A witty quote proves nothing”. — Voltaire

Thanks to J’s Notes for the quick link! Go visit and drive his stats up a little – he’ll be pleased.

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