The University of Virginia is sponsoring a conference on Ontologies in Practice:

Ontology is not just a theoretical picture; it is always situated within a given tradition (or traditions) as a determinate concrete program based on particular conceptions of what Being is and how it is intrinsically and complexly ordered. Traditions, as engaged practices in the world, work to develop and flesh out an ontological picture – ontologies are always and already in practice. This conference possesses three primary aims. First, to provide a space in which different traditions (and perspectives within a tradition) are able to identify, characterize and express ontological understandings and basic commitments about existence. The second aim is to analyze and trace how questions of Being (articulated within a tradition(s)) are expressed in specific practices. The third aim is to examine how certain cultural practices structure various occlusions and insights of ontological possibilities.

The conference is 12-14 September. I intend to be there on Saturday, and would attend the entire conference if I had the opportunity.

Of other interest, the Fredericksburg City Planning Commission is holding the extension of its Idlewyld development public hearing tonight at 7:00pm. Please stop by!

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