In a matter of less than 100 days, the new Fredericksburg City Council is proving to be just as interesting as the old one. My opinion piece on the current e-mail lawsuit was printed in the Free Lance-Star on Tuesday, 01 October. It was immediately followed by a surprisingly critical editorial in the Thursday edition of the paper.

My apologies to the editors, but in 100 days the current councilmen have not only been hamstrung by recalcitrant staff and frivolous lawsuits, but have grappled with the Thurman Brisbane Homeless Shelter over their relocation issues – a topic that the city honorably involved itself in while the leadership in Spotsylvania and Stafford folded their arms. The laundry list given in the paper will take time, not to mention co-operation from the very individuals sponsoring the lawsuit. When the opposition extends an olive branch, one doesn’t quite expect to get beaten with it. Time will tell the tale, but the patience of city residents hasn’t been strung that tightly just yet. Wait for them to raise my taxes. . .

In other news, the chairman of the Stafford Democratic Committee would now like to inform you that the Democratic Party is not pro-abortion. I’m sure this is news to Camile Paglia and her friends at NOW and NARAL – not to mention myself.

Dr. Timothy Noone was one of my earliest professors at the Catholic University, and a terrific lecturer and scholar. During my freshman year (Philosophy 202, Enlightenment to Neitzche), he was just completing his doctorate in philosophy. Dr. Noone will be giving a lecture on “Truth, Creation, and Intelligibility in Anselm, Grosseteste, and Bonaventure” at the Life Cycle Institute at 2:00pm on Friday, 11 October.

Additional lectures of interest are Professor John Milbank’s lecture entitled “Truth as the Bond of Being” at the Catholic University on Friday, 08 November at 2:00pm, and David Solomon’s lecture entitled “Truth in Twentieth Century Ethics” on 22 November at 2:00pm, both at the Life Cycle Institute.

If you’re looking for something more local, the Mary Washington College Symphony Orchestra is holding a free concert at Dodd Auditorium on 08 October at 8:00pm.

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