I HATE POLITICS (or at least what it does to normally good people)

1. People get nasty during the last week of the election cycle. And not just the opposition – folks that are supposed to be on your side.

2. People get really nasty during debates. What ever happened to good ol’ fashioned your-side-versus-mine discussion without the crowd doing everything possible to disrupt the process?

3. People are rude and impolite. Well, not all people. But get folks riled up during an election year, and you’d be surprised how inconsiderate folks get.

4. People are people.

Der Teufel hol das Menschengeschlecht!

Man moechte rasend werden!

Da nehm ich mir so eifrig vor:

Will niemand weiter sehen,

Will all das Volk Gott und sich selbst

Und dem Teufel ├╝berlassen!

Und kaum seh ich ein Menschengesicht,

So hab ichs wieder lieb.

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