“What crawled up yer ass?”

Okay, so I was having a bad day yesterday. But that’s not my fault entirely! Thank you for the concerned e-mails though (concerned bah, most of y’all were pickin’ on me).

Translation of Goethe’s Hyperchonder by request (what, you think I’d write something original?)

Devil take the human race!

Its enough to drive you insane.

I continually make firm resolutions to stop

seeing people and consign the whole nation

to God and to itself and to the devil!

And then have I only to see a human face

and I love it again.

The whole point of it being that as much as I want to rant and rave about people, deep down I genuinely enjoy, respect, and love human beings for what they are. I just have a hard time when folks sell themselves out so cheaply. . . if that makes any sense.

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