Good Thursday Morning! Missy isn’t feeling too well this morning and I am home with Jonathan (who is currently enthralled with “Jay-Jay the Jet Plane”). So while the two are presently occupied, I’m taking the opportunity to upload the new site.

Jonathan says:

5yurhujr85jru4iru48u5u vrnfeun hb ujjjhyjnnn77 7 hnnnnn

Translation: asodinfaonn aidsfohn 909 nmaidfj

Bong Water Sports: For those of you who are not privy to the epic struggle between the Pimpskinz and the Commies, the tradition continues with Game One of the 2002 season with a football (American) with the Commies visiting the Pimpskinz at Switchblade Stadium (Loriella Park, Spotsylvania County, Virginia) on 30 Mar 2002! Check in on the website and read the smack!

Send Them Packing!: Am I the only one who remembers all of those Hollywood types screaming they would leave the country if Bush were elected? Vote here and help them on their way.

JsNotes: My brother Jason’s weblog. If I could steal from him I would, but then I’d hear about it later. Instead, just go to his links. Where he finds them, I have no earthly clue.

Now Momma and Jonathan are up and moving around, and Missy seems to be doing better. So now I have to go work. Grrr. . . duty calls.

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