First Candidate for RPV Chairman Has Announced


So it begins.  The first candidate has tossed his hat in the ring in the eventual and expected removal of Jeff Frederick as RPV Chairman.

That candidate?  Jeff Frederick.

He apologized that his remarks may appear a little disorganized, “but I left the TelePrompTer at home,” in taking a GOP swipe @ Prez. Obama whom they claim can’t speak without technical help from a TelePrompTer or TV screen.

Governor Timmy finally has a legacy, Frederick said, “he accomplished a smoking ban in restaurants, something that was not even in his campaign platform.”

The Republican Party has tarnished its brand several times by campaigning for one thing and doing another.

If he is unseated on April 4th he’ll seek reelection at the party convention at the end of May.

Darl Anderson was not complimentary to Frederick’s remarks, though with blogroll links to the League of Women Voters, Democracy for America, the Democratic Women’s Caucus, and the DNC one shouldn’t even have distant illusions that this is a non-biased or balanced perspective.

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