Remember way back when Coach Gibbs resigned with a few years left on his contract? We begged and begged for him to come back as Ritchie Petibon and former Cowboy Norv Turner coached the Redskins into year after year of mediocrity.

Then Schottenheimer comes with a shambles of an offense, and when he finally smashes the whiners and starts playing Marty Ball, the team that started 0-5 finished the season 8-3. The Sword of Damocles drops, and Coach Spurrier comes into town.

I like the Fun and Gun offense. It works, not just in college and high school ball, but it should work most especially in the NFL because speed and quickness are the hallmarks of the game. Spurrier made it work in Florida, not because the Fun n’ Gun only works against college teams, but because the system works.

Now thanks to meddling and petty contract issues – namely the right to hire and fire personnel – Coach Spurrier is going to play golf for the next two years, and the Skins can expect more of the same 5-11 performance.

No loyalty, no heart, no spirit. If all the Redskins intend to be is a collective of mercenaries without loyalty, then we are going to have a long road ahead of us.

I’m with ya Coach Spurrier. Let me know when you find a new home, maybe in Atlanta or New York, because that team is going to be incredible when you are allowed to build your team and not patchwork it from someone else’s toybox.

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