Italy bans flights over Rome

Seems as if the terror warning for the Vatican was not all hot air after all:

The Italian authorities Tuesday banned flights over Rome until Jan. 6 as a security measure against terrorist attack, the Italian news agency Ansa reported.

This was part of a heightened state of alert in Italy, Ansa said.

On Dec. 24, Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi told a local Milan paper that terrorists had planned to crash a hijacked plane into the Vatican on Christmas Day.

Seems as if all over the world there is some sort of planning to abort terror attacks that are synchonized for New Years Day. Keep your eyes peeled folks – for threats both foreign and domestic:

Last month, an east Texas man pleaded guilty to possession of a weapon of mass destruction. Inside the home and storage facilities of William Krar, investigators found a sodium-cyanide bomb capable of killing thousands, more than a hundred explosives, half a million rounds of ammunition, dozens of illegal weapons, and a mound of white-supremacist and antigovernment literature.

“Without question, it ranks at the very top of all domestic terrorist arrests in the past 20 years in terms of the lethality of the arsenal,” says Daniel Levitas, author of “The Terrorist Next Door: The Militia Movement and the Radical Right.”

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