For those of you who went out of your way to gobble up all of the duct tape in the free world, have I got a game for you while you’re waiting for the worst to pass over. What game is this you ask? Why, simply make your very own fashion line of duct tape gear. Or you could simply buy from the website:

After many late nights playing with duct tape (don’t ask) we stumbled upon an idea that stuck, let’s make some useful stuff out of duct tape. A few days later the DUCTI company was born.

Students for War

Students for War is determined to ensure that no American city is attacked by chemical, biological or nuclear weapons. Toward this end, we support military action as soon as is reasonably possible to remove Saddam Hussein from power and ensure the disarmament of Iraq. Please join us in this important effort.

Students Protecting America from Harvard University.

Brett Joshpe, founder of Students for Protecting America, said, “We are all frustrated by the anti-war protests of recent weeks and believe that most Americans agree with us, but have been less visible than the opposition. Our group intends to add legitimacy to the administration’s position. We firmly believe that in the absence of alternatives, this war is right for America, Iraq, and the world. America has a duty to protect its citizenry, and the opposition has failed to present viable or persuasive alternatives. We hope to spark a grassroots movement and encourage students and Americans to join us in demonstrating their support for protecting America.”

And have you ever heard of abandonware?

There are more than 100 abandonware sites offering up to 1,000 software titles, predominantly games but also applications and operating systems, free for download. Although these Web sites have existed since the early 1990s, antipiracy groups have only recently begun to target abandonware. Despite their efforts, however, abandonware piracy continues to thrive as more and more people take advantage of the abundance of free software.

Never knew this existed. But I’ll be more than happy to see where the five-finger discount can apply.

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