Schiedler v. NOW has been ruled in favor of the pro-life position, 8-1!

At issue was the fairness of using federal laws against racketeering and extortion to go after anti-abortion groups who use, according to the official Court filing, “sit-ins and demonstrations that obstruct public’s access” to medical clinics.

Such anti-racketeering and extortion laws have normally been used by federal prosecutors to go after organized crime, and usually involve efforts to illegally obtain “property.”

Chief Justice William Rehnquist, writing for the 8-1 majority, noted because the protesters “did not obtain or attempt to obtain [clinic] property, both the state extortion claims and the claim of attempting or conspiring to commit state extortion were fatally flawed.”

And if you think we are getting it bad in Fredericksburg, it’s snowing in Jerusalem. Twelve inches and counting.

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