Workers pick internet over caffeine

Thus the beauty of being a commuter. With the intenet so far away in Washington, you have at least an hour to enjoy the delights of caffeine before you even get to work! Of course, there are drawbacks. . .

MORE workers would rather give up their morning coffee than their internet access, but employers should probably question why they love it so much.

A survey, conducted for management software firm Websense, found more than half of web-connected employees used the internet for personal reasons, with men the more frequent users.

Now to me, this shouldn’t mean that people are not being more productive, but rather that the workplace is probaby the least productive place to get work done. Why? Because clearly (1) people are doing other things while (2) meeting the expectations of employers.

Of course, this is going to get me on a rant concerning leisure time vs. productivity, so I’ll stop here. Now if I had more caffeine in my system. . .

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