The Thinking (Drinking?) Man’s Chess Game

Now I don’t know about you, but four years ago this would have been great!

RULES of Shot Glass Chess

1. Select your favourite alcoholic beverage and pour it into your opponent’s 16 glasses. The following quantities are our

recommendations, discovered after extensive research and development:

Pawn: 0.5 parts

Bishop: 1 part

Knight: 1 part

Rook: 2 parts

Queen: 3 parts

King: 2 parts

2. Begin the game of chess as normal. Whenever a player makes a capture he must drink the contents of that piece.

3. Illegal moves are permissible as long as neither player notices.

4. The losing player must drink his own king as the final ignominy of defeat.

Alas, I am not as strong as I used to be. . . but this certainly deters any quick checkmate. No more sacrificing pawns either. . .

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