Clark and Perriello share the same position on abortion?

Third party (and so-called Tea Party challenger) Jeff Clark’s position on abortion is slightly to the left of Tom Perriello:

Clark, the independent candidate who said he has received flack from some Republican supporters over his decision to enter the race, has expressed his belief that women should have access to an abortion if they become pregnant due to a sexual assault or if there is medical emergency for the mother.

“I don’t think the government should fund abortions even in those cases, but there should be some leeway in a woman’s right to choose,” Clark said. “I also think it should be coupled with counseling for the entire family.”

Some leeway?  Counselling?  How’s about having the guts to say that anyone who advocates killing babies in the womb is automatically disqualified from public office?

Disgusting.  The article is worth reading if the right to life is of any deep concern to you as a voter in VA-05.

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