These are the rules, but…

Want a quick insight as to how bad the VRS really is? Multiply this experience by however many six-figure public servants you have in Virginia — local and state — and it’s a good picture of what’s to come.

The severance includes 12 months of salary, equating a gross payment of $128,750; and full payment for accrued vacation time, equaling $12,627.60.

Terpenny will also receive employee sick-leave divestiture for the next 10 years, starting next month. Payments will begin in the amount of $1,050.66 per month, beginning Sept. 1 and lasting until a final payment of $1,050.86 on Aug. 1, 2020. That adds up to an additional $126,000.

Plus this guy is the new town manager in Floyd, Virginia — an additional $50,000 a year. ┬áBut, of course, this gentleman is only playing by the rules of the game.

All at taxpayer expense.

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