Does Perriello Have the Hiccups?

OK, yes I’m about to make fun of the guy, but I couldn’t help but notice the sort of short breaths and quick-jerks back-and-to-the-right during the entire interview:

What is this choppy stutter back and forth? The good congressman’s communication style seems like a cross between Pat Schroeder and Barney Frank.

And petrodictators, Tom?  Seriously?  You mean petrodictators such as these?


I mean, I don’t know what this sort of kowtowing tells anyone else out there, but petrodictators? Either that’s a sweeping generalization, or I’d sure like to hear Perriello’s thoughts on Obama’s accommodation of said petrodictators (unless Perriello really meant Big Oil — in which case the term means something quite different and I’m back to picking on his communication style).

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