SurveyUSA: Republicans leading in all statewide races

This isn’t good news for the Dems, and you know it’s really bad when folks like Bob Holsworth are rattling the cages:

(T)he Democrats will need to do a far better job in understanding and responding to the problems that the Governor’s dual role as DNC Chair has raised for them.  Bob McDonnell is simply pounding them by linking Kaine and Deeds to every unpopular national Democratic initiative.

And, finally, maybe the Democrats will recognize that it is not very gubernatorial to offer a transportation “plan” without details  because you do not want step on the prerogatives of the legislature.

Welcome to Virginia, fellas.

Of course, the Democratic blogosphere in Virginia has been quick to point out that gubernatorial wannabes such as George Allen and Tim Kaine were all light years behind their opponents.  Not sure how that washes with examples like Mark Earley or Don Beyer… but I’m sure we’ll be enlightened.

The killer here is that all three candidates are back by double digits, and what’s more the GOP attacks are starting to stick.  Shannon isn’t ready, Wagner got us into the mess, and not only does Deeds not have a plan for transportation or economic growth, he refuses to pledge not to raise taxes — something Deeds’ previously vanquished Democratic challenger Terry McAuliffe pledged repeatedly not to do.

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