Im Not Emeril: Has The Smear Campaign Gone Too Far For DNC’s Comfort?

For those who continue to insist there is no liberal vs. progressive civil war within the Democratic Party, as INE explains:

I’ve been told they have been monitoring this campaign, and are not happy with what they have been hearing and reading, primarily from the leftist blogs connected with the Webb campaign.

The two party leaders are currently blaming it on youthful exuberance, and a frustration with recent election losses.

My source says that both Pelosi and Reid have asked Howard Dean to renounce the racist and anti-semitic language and methods employed by Webb’s supporters. He has refused to do so, essentially saying he doesn’t think it’s a problem.

She ends her e-mail by saying that some within the DNC have been monitoring the Webb campaign, concerned that influences from Daily Kos, Democratic Underground, and may negatively impact the Senate race.

Disagree with Pelosi on politics, but don’t underestimate her. When she says things are going to far, they’ve probably gone way beyond acceptable. That Howard Dean and the progressives are cheering Webb as his campaign races him off a cliff should disturb any true liberal… or objective believer that politics shouldn’t be a dirty word.

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