Reason & Revelation: More on Tobacco

Our friends at R&R note the R&R benefits of tobacco :

Those consumed with longevity are not guaranteed to live longer if they eat healthy and consumes themselves with exercise! Smoking of all forms (including cigarettes, which this blog discourages) causes people to relax. In the forms of especially pipe and cigar smoking, the relaxation benefit is great.

Nicotine does two good things:
1) strengthens the heart muscle
2) stimulates the brain and therefore thwarts Alzheimer’s.

What is the biggest killer in our lives? A Nutitionist said that it is stress. It takes up to 30 years off our lives. What does smoking (the inhaling kind) take? 8. Therefore, shouldn’t we find ways to be at leisure and relax?

There is nothing better than some good pipe tobacco. In case you are curious, the tobacco in Virginia is far superior to what you’ll find elsewhere.

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