The Ongoing Constitutional Convention. . .

The Supreme Court handed down a bunch of rulings today. I won’t even bother posting links: just go to The Drudge Report and see for yourselves.

  • The Ten Commandments are allowed on government property as monuments, but inside the courthouse they are determined on a case-by-case basis.
  • Internet file sharing can be sued. Sorry guys, this is tantamount to banning roads because of drug trafficking. Ridiculous.
  • Cable companies don’t need to share cable lines.
  • The reporters who leaked CIA information are going to jail it seems. SCOTUS wouldn’t even hear the case.
  • Law enforcement cannot be sued for inadequately enforcing restraining orders. Fair enough — I could just imagine a situation where police departments felt the pressure to ensure *all* restraining orders were being enforced. Yikes!
  • Chief Justice Rehnquist did not step down as anticipated.
  • Busy day, but a frustrating one as well. As a society, I am coming to believe we need a very serious discussion on the role and scope of the U.S. Supreme Court. I’ve heard the legal profession referred to as “the secular priesthood” before, but never have I seen it in practice as I have this week. Legislating from the bench and overturning law, introducing foreign jurisprudence, narrow definitions of law meant for the legislative branch to discern, arbitrary removal of property rights by government officials, and a power extending even to the point of determining who the next president is…

    The wheels are coming off. American Federalism was never intended to suffer a government this large and invasive, and our Constitution is cracking under the weight.

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